Spent 4 hours writing it and waiting for images to upload only for the page to close and kinja to have only saved the headline. I’ve been on OPPO for 4 years and this may be the second time where I’ll have to take a break for a couple months and wait for kinja to get updated again and be usable. Currently mobile is acceptable for browsing, very brief posts, and nothing else.

Kinja mobile has been worthless this past month, hamburger is unresponsive half the time, when it does work your notification bar is hidden under chromes search bar. Not properly saving what’s written in a draft. Having posts load at the time you started Writting it instead of when you tell it to post(20 minutes later)


It is said that there has been a drop in quality content and I believe a part of it has to do with kinja mobile getting more and more frustrating over the years. You cant make long posts for fear of kinja loosing it if your connection drops. I know that making quality content, or writing a story is no longer an option due to image upload times and the fear of kinja being kinja. Also kinja takes at least twice as long as other sites to upload the same image, often time it will exceed 5 minutes for me to upload a single image captured with the phones cam.

-Ends rant Breathless but still angry-

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