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I Was Gonna Svend My Car...

But then I got high.
I had my wash, wax, bucket, and clay bar
But I was high
Now I’m trying to scrub off cooked wax and I know why.
Yeah-hea because I got high
Because I got high
Because I got high

Actual Photo of Me Looking at My Car

I got up early on Saturday to take my little girl to swim class. Then I came home, fixed two toilets, cleaned a bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, and put the baby down for her morning nap.


My wife asked what I was going to do while she was working and the baby slept. I said I didn’t know, and she recommended that I go “play with my cars”. I’ve yet to give Alltrack a full exterior detail so I figured now was a great time.

First of all, now wasn’t a great time. It was 90 degrees or more in the burning sun. That is ok for wash and clay if you’re fast, but definitely too hot for wax.

Regarding the getting high. I used to do that all the time, then I stopped completely for a few years. Then a few weeks ago my therapist mentioned that it might be a good tool if I can manage not to use it all the time. So I went to the weed store, bought a bunch of different pens and set them on my workbench. I’ve used them here or there mainly for sleep also to make cutting the grass more fun.

As I was getting my wash stuff together one of the pens caught my eye. I took a quick pull and began washing. Each time I came in I took another little pull, then I tried a different pen, and another etc...


I finished the car much faster than I normally do, so I went inside and took a nap with the dogs until I heard the baby wake up. We had to get ready to meet some friends for lunch/dinner. As we walked out to the car I noticed an embarrassingly terrible wax job. I used far too much product (Collinite 845) and there were a few panels that I missed completely! Like I put the wax on and never came back!!!

So Sunday I waited until after the sun was setting, and did it all over again. Much better.


I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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