While I was at a Tesla dealership in Seattle, a group of people calling themselves to be Forward Seattle kept hassling me to get a signature just to repeal the $15/hour bill.

I kept telling them I live in Tacoma and that their issue is not my business but holy fuck are they persistent. I couldn't even get some time to myself with a Model S and sure enough, as soon as I stepped out I got jumped (not in a fighting sense) by the SAME EXACT PEOPLE wanting my signature. There goes the out-of-towner excuse ( I actually do live in Tacoma. )

At that point, I had enough. I threatened to call the cops on them and told them "I will be pressing charges if you continue to stalk me. And I will defend myself if you choose to continue from this point on", though I wish I had a taser. Thank God they backed off.

The next time I see these asshats, I'm taking their paper and throwing it in the trash if they hand me a pamphlet. Have an LS430 for your time because fuck repealing the $15/hour law.