I was hoping this was going to be a Carlisle car.

It’s sad I know but I like when things from my tiny little city make it elsewhere in the world and get admired.

So when I saw this article of Jalopnik,


With the first line of the second paragraph saying.

This car was originally sold in Carlisle, England and is said to be one of only three similar cars in the United States right now. With its wheel on the right, I was a little worried about giving it a spin in Manhattan, having never driven an RHD car before, but Jim assured me things would be fine. And they were.


I looked through the owners Twitter and found the original licence plate.

Dammit. The car isn’t from my city, but from Central London*.


*Unless it was on a private plate and the plate removed prior to being sold and put on retention and a period correct identifier licence plate added to the vehicle.

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