I will be attending a dinner made up of “young voters” organized by Congresswoman Lia Limon from the the Green Party. She’s a plurinominal representative meaning that she’s served this term (2015-2018) as an unelected lawmaker as per the Mexican requirement of proportional representation.

Congresswoman Limon has not really shown what her further political aspirations are. She’s been a member of both PAN and PRI (as the Green Party is basically PRI).


Here are her positions:

  • President of the Radio and TV house commission.
  • Secretary of the oversight of aggression against members of the media committee .
  • Secretary of the house justice committee
  • Secretary of electoral oversight for the 2017 elections
  • Member of the gender equality commission

Here is her preparation:

  • Law degree from Iberoamerican University
  • Master’s degree in law and foreign relations from Tufts University.

Past positions:

  • She has worked for the government in various guises since 1995, unelected.
  • She was a local congresswoman for the 5th session of the Mexico City legislature(2009-2012) for PAN (elected) for district 16 (Miguel Hidalgo).

There isn’t much coverage on her, although what coverage there is seems to focus less on her work and more on the fact that she’s got a vagina.

What is covered about her politically seems kind of weird, she tried to give money to the family of the 43 killed teachers of Guerrero as a member of the Government secretary (think White House policy center) but also claimed the government had powers that are strictly unconstitutional.


So, I’ll let her make her case, but I think its a great opportunity to ask questions, of which I will be selecting some from here.