I listed my 2006 ford freestyle for sale about 2 weeks ago and after some initial interest, including a person who got a PPI whose mechanic asked for an additional $200 to determine the health of the CVT that they wanted me to pay, and I balked because I don’t think such a test actually exists (especially since we changed fluid last year and they said it was pretty clean).

Now, the interest has tapered and I never found a great replacement in terms of specs and cost. I had all but given up, but just recently a Focus Wagon with the 2.3L duratec just got listed nearby so I have bitten the bullet, lowered the price and bumped my CL post one more time.

The focus wagon isn’t my top choice but the 2.3L is a a reliable engine that responds well to modifications and has decent handling. I think my wife would like the logic of it all except for the low rent interior. It’s a more logical choice for a backup to two 30 year old German cars than say an Audi A4 or Saab 9-3 which is what my heart tells me to want.