While bored this morning I decided to look see what’s out there for donors for the Ruckus engine swap project. What I found made me stop in my tracks...

The most logical donor is this 250cc Chinese scooter


It appears to be using a Reflex or Helix clone engine and is already in pieces. Have my friend do the structural welds where necessary then I’ll have fun putting the rest together like moto Lego.

An alternative would be to go two stroke with this roughed up DT175. I studied how someone stuffed a GSX-R engine into a Ruckus and doing it with a tiny displacement bike would be much easier. In fact, it would actually be even easier than swapping in another scooter engine. Downside here is that since it’s a kick start I have no idea how that would even work outside of extending the kick start bar past the frame of the Ruckus.

While I was doing all that, I ran into this weird gem:


I couldn’t understand what I was seeing and had to message the seller.

It’s a ZX6 with a ZX10 engine. Apparently second gear jammed during his commute and it’s been parked ever since. It starts and runs but if you try to use second the trans locks up. Just...holy crap a 600 class bike with a 1000 engine? This has gotta be like strapping oneself to a rocket, right?

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