...but I thought I'd get an idea now. Poll on what I should get as my next project :)

Option 1: MGB GT V8 Widebody. 3.5l or 3.9l injected Rover V8, Jag IRS and Sebring arches, 220+bhp and 1100kg.

Dirt cheap price of entry and loads of cars for sale, engines out the wazoo and loads of documentation on every part of the build. Plus, dat V8 idle.

Option 2: Alfa GTV6 3.0l. 3.0l from a 75, breathed on until it makes north of 200bhp, exhaust butterfly so it sounds like this at the press of a button, maybe a bigger bore 3.3l or 3.5l if funds stretch to it. 210-250bhp and ~1200kg.


I really want a transaxle Alfa, and it'd improve the British:Italian ration of my fleet. However, there's few GTV6 for sale and they tend to be on the expensive side when they do pop up now. Best sounding V6 though...

Option 3: Jaguar XJS V12 Lightweight. Early pre-HE V12 stripped down to the weight of an E46 M3 with the pipes opened up to release about 350bhp and let out a little of the noise. 5-speed swap too :)


Expensive to run and maintain, but everyone should own a V12 once in their life. Oh, and DAT NOISE!

Option 4: Maserati Biturbo. Early car with all the goodies from a late one: 2.8l 250bhp V6TT, torsen LSD rear, working electronics, the lot :) 250bhp and ~1200kg


I can use the 228 as a donor if it proves irreparable and I should really put mu money where my mouth is when defending the reliability of later Biturbos. Plus, E30 M3 EvoII-beating performance :) very hard to find for sale though

Option 5: Rover SD1/P6. 3.5l or 3.9l injected RV8 again, same 220+bhp but in a British Bruiser shell. Might go bigger displacement than that, anything up to a 5.0l TVR engine and 350+bhp.


Because Daytona-lookalike racecar and because spaceship-lookalike racecar. Also V8 :)

Option 6: Triumph Toledo Sprint. Take the lightweight 2-door Toledo 1300, add in the 127bhp (easily tuned to 160-180bhp) 16v Sprint engine and the STA rear from a Mk1 Triumph 2000 (same track width). ~170bhp and ~800kg.


Triumph 2002/2000 GTV rival, plus the angriest sounding 4-cylinder I've ever heard :) like the above picture, but with the quad Dolly Sprint headlights

Option 7: Triumph GT6 Sprint (or should that be GT4 Sprint?). Triumph GT6 Mk2 rolling chassis with the aforementioned 2.0l Sprint I4. ~170bhp and 770kg.


Lighter than the 2.0l I6, more powerful than the 2.0l I6, something out of the ordinary and I already know my way around the chassis. Plus, I've roughly approximated the weight distribution to be 45% front, so it's basically a 911 :)

So, which one do you reckon?