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I didn't go out much this week and I've managed to save 300$ on last week's paycheck since I have less and less stuff to pay monthly and I have everything I need. I was calculating and if I keep this up, I can save about 900$ minimum per month without counting the money I get under the table from various sidejobs I'm currently doing. Now the thing is, I found a awesome ad about a guy selling his Turbo Miata in parts that is located near my house.......and I want a shit load of parts from him. At the same time, if I keep saving like this, I can get a nice low mileage Miata with nothing to fix or another small lightweight rwd car to try out (rotary powered maybe) or a Panther with a manual swap in less than a year. It's either fix it up completely or start over with something completely fixed. What would you do oppo?


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