I was behind 3 or 4 cars with my blinker on waiting to turn left when I was hit from behind. Crunch.

My first reaction was to put it in reverse. Why, you may ask. 10 years ago my father gave me a set of bulbs and said something about marine grade. I have no idea what they are, but holy shit are they bright. It was a silver Saab 9³. His face was lit up like a Christmas tree. I don’t mess around.

I couldn’t get out of my car safely so when the light turned green I proceeded to move forward still intent to turning left onto the side street. When I looked back he wasn’t moving forward behind me. After checking the traffic ahead of me I glanced back again and the guy was now in the right lane and coming up my rear 3/4. I almost got his plate number at this point but I couldn’t be certain. After he drove past I got it.


Piece of shit left the scene of an accident. Fuck you with a piece of frozen rope. I called and made a police report last night and today I’ll call the insurance agency. Good luck trying to make a claim of any sort.

As for my car, it was dark but I’m pretty sure there’s no damage. Score 1 for big black bumpers! It’s times like these (and there have been a few) I’m thankful I haven’t bought a Mazda 2 or a new Corolla.

tldr: rear-ended, guy left the scene, no damage on my car, made police report.

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