I almost got into a bad car crash, more after the jump, and have a r32 for your time.

First I want to say I was an idiot that got too emotional, and I’ve hopefully learned from my mistake. So it started with me going to a dance with a girl I asked, things were nice for an hour till some guy came over and the girl I was with told me it was her boyfriend, I calmly said I was going to get some punch. I didn’t get punch and I was fuming, went to my car and decided to take the long way home since driving always makes me calm, except for tonight.

The long way home was a backroad that twists and turns and eventually turns into a dirt road, about halfway through I started speeding like a maniac, luckily everything went well there, but once it turned into a dirt road, I went around a big corner and slammed on the gas in anger, felt the wheels go loose and by the time I started to move it was too late, or maybe I didn’t move and was still flooring it, I can’t remember correctly.

Things started to go sideways and I started to go towards a wall diagonally, I stopped half a foot away from the dirt wall and violently stalled letting go of the cluth after being scared from all the momentum stopping and feeling the suspension violently level. I sat there sideways in the road crying from a surge of emotions and potentiality dying. I drove home like a grandma, slow, and cautious.


Moral of the story is, don’t let your emotions affect how you drive, you just might end up dead. Luckily I was saved, which means I should go cherish my life and maybe make some changes for the better. And sorry if this is ranty or doesn’t belong on this site, I needed to let it off my chest.

Drive safe oppo