I was served a sideways burrito and don't know what to do about it

I had a poor experience getting a to-go burrito from a local place. The problem is that they made a fatal error during the burrito construction process and rolled it on the y-axis instead of the x-axis.

What does this mean? It means that instead of getting a layer of each ingredient in every bite like you would in a normal burrito that was rolled by somebody that isn’t a complete moran, you get one ingredient for several bites before moving to the next one. 


I’m uncertain how to address the issue with the establishment. It was still pretty tasty, but nowhere close to living up to its full potential if rolled on the proper axis. Since I got it to go on my way home from work, I didn’t want to go back out to have them fix it. Un-rolling & re-rolling it were out of the question as well, since you can’t do that with a burrito you’ve already taken a few bites out of.

I can’t call them to complain either, as I don’t think there’s anybody there that’s over 30, so they won’t be able to actually talk on a telephone. I think I’m gonna tweet @ them to see if I can get a free burrito as retribution.

Below are diagrams to showcase the atrocity:

Illustration: A properly layered burrito (A competent burrito artist)
Illustration: A sideways burrito (An incompetent burrito artist)

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