I was sitting around my house looking at Hemmings instead of working. There were some gorgeous cars on there. Like ac cobras, e types, 911s and lots of legendary cars. This left me thinking (instead of working),thinking about that there hasnt been a “legendary” car in a while. Automakers are producing legendary cars in terms of engineering and remaking legendary cars of many years ago. But nothing new nothing like the Corvette when it came out or the 911,. I will say that automakers have perfected on the legends but no new ones have been made. We live in the golden age of cars, great cars such as the bmw m4, porsche 911 have been made and cooked to perfection. When these cars came out, they were being ogled by everybody there. It was new, it was amazing. But nothing has surprised me and got me as excited as a 911 would have, or a Corvette when they came out. The legendary cars have just been made better, and reincarnated.