I was taken all the time for a fool

And now I know why.

Look at this 460 USD boi

Tech: Yup, here’s the tire

Me: Fantastic! Finally!

*Tech installs*

Tech: Mkay’ It’s done, let me fill it up, 40PSI ok?

Me: What?!?

Tech: You see, Normally these go to 32PSI, but given our streets are pieces of shit, we always put em up to 40.


Me: Seriously?

Tech: Yeah, but if you want to break another tire fine by me, guero!”

Me: Okay, do your thing.

*Sometime later*

Me: Seriously?

Friend that owns a shop in Monterey: Yes, seriously.... my god, you’re such a noob.

Me: Seriously?

Second Uncle (Mechanical engineer): Yes, dude, I mean, they have some issues but for what you need them to do, put the pressure up.


Every I spoke with told me that it was better to go higher because apparently that makes the tire harder to break

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