so i decided it would be a good idea to ride the elevator, and have my camera on continuous high speed, (aka hold the shutter and it shoots off as many shots as the card can handle), and hit every floor. Just as the door begins to open, fire....err, i mean, Shutter away! Behind this door was a semi awkward encounter...

So the door opens. and i just hold down the shutter. I just kept clicking away and he keeps staring. Im just waiting for the door to close, and about 25 shots later it finally closes and my friend and i burst out laughing.

His stare was solid. He didnt flinch, blink, or move from that position. I almost thought about stopping and explaining, but i kept quiet and let the door shut. That should give him a good story haha.


Immature? maybe. Good idea after actually implementing it? possibly. Could have gone worse i suppose.

Ye photographers of oppo should definitely do this and post up the results of whos behind your door. But its gotta be on continuous mode so you take like 40 pictures of the person in like 10 seconds.