...And made some bad awesome decisions.

Probably like the majority of people here, I spend way too much time roaming classifieds and Ebay, it’s more about killing time and daydreaming, since I already have more than enough cars.
Every now and then, there’s this special car that will catch my attention, and I’ll become obsessed by it until it finally vanishes from the internet, gone forever.
Last week, this happened twice. Actually, I found one car that I was interested in and made an appointment for Saturday to go check it out. Some days later, my father showed me another car he found on Ebay, for 200€, biddings ending on Saturday, 2 PM.

I followed the Ebay car the entire week, With 16 different bidders, I was sure the price would climb too high for me to be interesting, but decided to throw in my bid at the end anyway.

Come Saturday morning. I had my appointment for the classifieds car scheduled late in the afternoon, with a 2 hour drive to the car, so I called the seller to make sure the car is still there. He told me another person would come in the afternoon to check it out, and that he would call me if the other person didn’t take it. Bummer! At the price it was advertised, I was sure it would be gone.

With the end of the auction approaching, I logged on to Ebay, and the price had risen a bit, but was still way under my limit. The important detail here is that I have not seen this car, appart from a few poor photos. but I know this car, I know their problems, and it seems to be ok. And anyway, I’m not gonna spend more than half what I think the car is worth on the market.
I place my bid 10 seconds before the end of the auction, as apparently a lot of other people too. The price skyrockets from about 600€ to 1121,11€. The auction ends with 22 different bidders, and I am the new owner of a Peugeot 505 V6.


Pictured: almost the same car I already have, with 2 more cylinders and less diesel burning

So these have become pretty rare, and I haven’t seen a decent one for under 3500€ in a while. This one needs a good clean, a new front suspension, new grille, and the front right fender has been painted, so something happened there.
But: as I mentioned, V6 model are getting rare, and even though the 4 cylinder turbo is more powerful, this one is just as valuable. In addition, it’s configuration is quite unique: it is a V6, but has a manual transmission (most of those I found are autos), it has a steel sunroof, which was a rare factory option, and last but probably the most unique feature: it has a 505 evolution bodykit, which I have never seen in real life. It features a specific front spoiler, rear wing, side skirts, and a huge ugly sticker on the back. But now, it’s MY huge ugly sticker on the back.
I’ll go get the car next saturday (I’ll post some more pictures then).


So after I won the auction, I continued some work on the Pajero (more on that in a future post). Later in the afternoon, my phone rang, the other car was still available, since the potential buyer had to check his finances. I rescheduled an appointment on Sunday. So yesterday, I drove there, inspected the second car, test drove it, and... bought it. A 1960 Chevrolet Bel Air.

Not the actual car, but in the same color


It’s a 4,6L V8, with a 2 speed auto (I generally avoid autos, but since it’s a landyacht, it’s not really relevant). It’s not perfect, but it’s honest. I offered 18.500€, and the seller accepted.

I’ll have it delivered to me next Sunday morning, since my trailer is too small for that much american awesomeness.


What a lovely day!