But it was sort of depressing and not funny like most of my stories, so I saved it to drafts for another time.

That happened in college and it was a genuinely life changing experience. It forever altered me as a person into the debilitatingpy conscientious gigantic asshole that I am today.

Something about seeing, firsthand, how someone would try to kill themselves over pretty inconsequential shit shook my to the core.

The result of it is that I really don’t get worked up about anything. Sure, I’ll bitch and kvetch, because that’s my culture. And I’m more than willing to assail people with a string of really vile profanity. But nothing really bothers me.

I have a deeply ingrained attitude of not giving a fuck. It has been a very useful life skill, although it’s caused problems in relationships. There really isn’t anything in your personal or professional life worth getting upset about.

What are you going to lose?

You come from nothing and you go back to nothing.

What’d you lose? Nothing!