There was police pursuit and shooting that ended in my neighborhood today. I took the day off and decided to wash my truck in the driveway this morning before it got hot. As I’m filling buckets I hear multiple sirens in the distance that are getting closer. With our subdivision being right next to I-10, this isn’t too unusual. It turns out that the El Paso Police Department’s traffic unit attempted to pull over a speeding Ford Fusion on the Westside that ended up becoming a pursuit that went into our subdivision about 10 miles and a couple of (very small) cities North. Our small subdivision also happens to only have one road in and out of it. According to what an officer told me afterward, four motorcycle cops ended up in the chase and the fleeing driver tried to swerve into the cops several times on I-10.

As I was doing the initial rinse of the truck, the dude in his blue Ford Fusion with smoking brakes pulls into the driveway of the house across from us that has a bunch of bushes along it. I guess he was trying to hide from the motorcycle cops that were driving around looking for him.

When the officer spotted the dude in the Fusion, the took off out of the driveway and attempted to run over the motorcycle cop right in front of my driveway. He missed the cop, but he did do a number on the neighbor’s garbage bin. I’d give him an 8.5 on the garbage bin punting.

They chased him around the lower part of the subdivision for a few minutes, and then he apparently drove at the other two motorcycle cops that were waiting for him at the only road in and out of the subdivision (which basically runs behind our house at the bottom of the mesa). This is where they shot at and missed him.


He then took his chances and drove out into the desert. They say he resisted arrest, assaulted a couple of officers out there and was injured being taken to custody (insert Chris Rock here: “everybody knows if the police have to come and get you, they’re bringing an ass kicking with them.”) I’m actually impressed that he got his fusion that far down the path. Not really visible in the picture is the arroyo he crossed to get to where he ended up. He must have had some speed, and caught some air and did some damage, because stock height trucks usually don’t have enough ground clearance to cleanly cross that arroyo right there.

Within only a few minutes of the shooting and end of the pursuit, the motorcycle cop came back up to get my info and ask what I had seen. I imagine I’ll be giving a more formal statement to folks in the future. At that point, he still had blood on his neck from (presumably) taking the dude into custody. I did get the truck washed, but there were a few water spots from stopping and talking to the cop.


After the dude tried to run over the cop in front of the house, I did take a brief pause in the initial rinse to go retrieve the rifle and set it up against the wall in the garage on the off chance that the dude came back up my way and pulled anymore shenanigans. I’m not usually one to name inanimate objects, but that might just be the name of my AR (a semi-auto, M4 carbine clone that I built, but with higher quality components than any rifle the Marine Corps ever gave me to carry): Shenanigans, as in only for use in the event of shenanigans (or target practice out in the desert).

I guess the pro tip would be to not lead your police chase into a subdivision with only one road in and out. On the plus side, I’m guess the dude won’t have to worry about cops pulling him over for speeding again anytime soon.