...That there’s a Cars and Coffee in Birmingham. I learned that last night and ran down this morning. I didn’t take a camera because I don’t plan well but... Here’s just a bit of what was there (sorry for the phone pics)

These guys were from Tuscaloosa and didn’t stay for very long so I didn’t get to talk.

The owner of the Porsche bought it about 10 years ago with 35,000 miles. He drives it 3 or 4 days a week and it was repainted recently.


I don’t know the story of the Miata or the Volvo but I did talk to the owner of the other Mazda. He bought it for about $3,500 on Craigslist in New Mexico, had it shipped here and drives it every day. Really nice guy too.


There were 2 Ferrari 458s. One a black convertible and the other a blue hardtop. A guy from Tesla in Atlanta drove over to show off a grey P85D which was nice. Another showing was a stock, yellow 300ZX but there was no one around it and I never saw the owner.