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I watch a bit of anime - I'm not hugely into it by a long shot...

...but there’s an anime/manga series I’ve heard of called Lupin III which is a very classic one in Japan that started in the late ‘60s. I’ve never watched or read it, but I know of it because the main character drives a classic FIAT 500 in the series.

Saw that they are making a 3D CGI movie based on the series and have to admit it’s one of the best adaptations of the 2D anime format to 3D that I’ve ever seen...really keeps the style despite being CGI!

More importantly, I really appreciate the detail they put into the 500 in the trailer (starts at 0:34), even for the brief time it’s in there...all the switches and the single gauge are exactly correct, the ash-tray (stuffed with cigarettes) is in the exact right place it should be...the steering wheel is perfect, and as the car is a FIAT 500F, they have the doors facing the right way (the first-gen 500 and 500D had suicide doors) and it has the ‘moustache’ around the FIAT logo on the front as it should.

Supposedly Lupin, the main character, is French/Japanese ancestry in the series, so there are nods to French in the trailer as the Citroen HY van at 0:36.

Might have to see the subtitled English release sometime! :)


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