And I lost many IQ points.

First of all, running up to a random guy in his “modified” GTO and offering to race him ON THE STREET for $100 is retarded. If you know you’re going to win straight away, why bet money? It’s unfair.

Secondly, to the Asian kid in the GT-R: I don’t care if your GT-R has A/C. Racecars don’t have A/C. Stop shoving it everyone’s faces that your car has A/C and other people’s cars don’t and that “they’ll be sweating while I beat them with A/C”.

Hosting a drag race? Let’s not go to a professional drag strip, let’s host it on a quiet side street and use a FLASHLIGHT to start the race.

Who the heck uses a flashlight to initiate a race? Can’t you do the classic “swing the arms down” like in Need for Speed or something?


I hated it when they talked about each car’s setup. What the hell do you mean when you say “this guy uses big tires and this guy uses small tires”? And do racers have no creativity? All of them used “big-block/small-block Chevy engines”. No rotaries? Diesels? Turbos?

All the drivers who lost used the same excuses.

“I missed a gear”

“I spun at the start”

“I lost traction”

“Something broke on the car”

The show I watched before Street Outlaws was much more entertaining. (for those of you wondering, it’s called “Cuban Chrome”) Why do they still air Street Outlaws? Why???


It encourages illegal activity and is a hazard to people in the area in all ways. And frankly, the people in this show should be fined/arrested.