...and bought a computer off of Craigslist. It’s not much, just an older HP i7 2600 system that set me back $200. One thing I noticed in the ad was a dual DVI, double slot width video card, and figured that whatever it was would be better than some generic card. When the computer was new there were all sorts of BTO options, up to a 3GB GT 545, which is not great by today’s standards but better than what I received. I’ve got a better card than even the best BTO option, but whatever was supposed to be in there could have been a nice upgrade for one of my other systems or a computer belonging to a friend or relative; since it was included in the price I could always use it elsewhere at my discretion (picture from the actual listing below):

(I can’t identify the leftmost port on this video card - any ideas? DisplayPort? HDMI?)

The guy had an entire garage full of computers. Hundreds of them. Literally, and I don’t mean that in the figurative sense. He’s a retired auto worker and goes to government auctions and sells this stuff as a hobby/part-time job kind of thing. I noticed a 9800GTX card sitting on the workbench when he was upgrading the RAM in my machine, so he has at least one card similar to what is in the ad laying around, although that may have been set aside for some other project.

I contacted him today about the missing keyboard, mouse and video card. He offered a full refund, which I really don’t want - I just want what I paid for. I don’t know what card was included, but I figure that if I paid his full asking price I should get what he advertised. He said he sold the other HP with that video card, the one used in the pictures in his ad, and he doesn’t have anything else. I asked what other options he would propose to correct this situation and was told that’s all he has - no other cards (which I find hard to believe). How about some RAM? Or a hard drive? Something, anything, to make up for what you shorted me. Nope, nothing - refund or fuck off.


He’s got some great prices on components and such (4GB DDR3 sticks for $11 which sounds good to me), so I don’t want to write him off in case I need something from him in the future, but his attitude just seems, well, kind of dickish. Am I being unreasonable by expecting to be sold what was advertised? After all, he sells just the RAM for $44 and the CPU for $120, so I am getting a pretty sweet deal on this complete computer, but I feel like I got screwed and that he doesn’t give a damn about pissing off potential repeat buyers. It also makes me wonder if he retired voluntarily, or if he was one of those that was paid to go away...