The body has a fair amount of dings and scratches, but nothing terribly detrimental. There’s no dog stink, but there’s a bunch of dog hair hiding in the crevices in the cargo area. No oil leaks, transmission seems to shift nicely, no noises from the engine. No receipts for the timing belt replacement, but there’s a reminder label under the hood marked for just 6,000 miles ago, and the carfax reflects the timing belt replacement as well. The tires noted as “new” in the ad are BFG G-forces with roughly 33% tread life remaining. This is the first Volvo I’ve driven, and it didn’t seem to ooze quality from every seam like I hoped. Still, it’s a really nice car with low miles, it’s up to date on service, it’s one-owner, it has heated seats, dual climate, cold A/C... I definitely won’t find a better car for the Mrs. for sub-$5k! The only major issue it had, if you can call it that, is the well-documented alarm siren failure that renders the sunroof inoperable.

I’m picking up tomorrow.

Also, what’s the difference in the T5 vs 2.5T? Is the 2.5T the low pressure turbo? This one is a 2.5T.