I went for a run today with a Melbourne running group. Met a man who’s dailying a Bentley Turbo R.


6.7L with a turbo. Nuts. He’s being forced to drive it since his Audi S3 is having some sort of horrendous engine issues. I don’t know why he does it to himself but I’m glad. Wants to get a DB9 too.

The DS was flawless. My shitty photos don’t really capture it, but everything was perfect, especially that gold paint. Gold badging too! Exact opposite of the last one I saw.

Also group running is pretty fun, and having a reason to call it early on a Friday night (ie. early Saturday morning event) is something I need. This run happens every month, some people have done it 300+ times. They say things like “I want to get to 100 marathons before I’m 60". They’re generally older than me but they’re nice enough.

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