Actually that’s not it at all, well, I did find this on the internet too, but that’s not it I promise.

What I found kind of looks like the Corrado below. A very nice and interesting car, which was built at the Karmann factory in Germany and could be had with the very competent VR6 engine, but that’s not it either.

It’s actually more like this one below, which is either a prototype cabrio according to some sites, or more likely a custom with a body-kit, judging by the ground effects, fender flares, lowered suspension and all that. But that’s not it either, as interesting as it may be.


It’s kind of like this Saab 900 Turbo which is another very Jalop car from the now defunct manufacturer. This one predates the GM takeover and is Saab in its truest form, the kind most Saab fans can agree has everything that makes Saab a Saab. But that’s not it either. Not exactly anyways.

What I found is a one-off car that was custom built at the request of a Swedish car magazine called Teknikens Varld in 1986, and it took only 3 months to build. It’s built on a shortened Saab 900 chassis, with the engine relocated to help handling. It’s said to have produced 250 horsepower with the top speed of 146mph.


And actually, it has nothing to do with the Corrado, it just looks eerily similar to me. I wonder if some inspiration for the Corrado design may have come from this.

Anyways, what I found is this Saab 900 Speedster:


Source: The internet.