I tried to post yesterday about this, but didn't have the approval, so that's stuck in my personal blog and I don't feel like posting it after I've gone and done it. Anyways, I've owned my 93 MR2 Turbo (Jenna) for 2 years now, and finally got around to taking her to a proper track (I've already done Tail of the Dragon/Cherohala Skyway, Bear Mountain MR2 Run, and pretty much drove it up and down the east coast from Florida to New York. Here's a picture of her:

This is August, 2013. At a B&B near the Dragon.

A little over a month ago, I sucked it up and had PR1ME do a Gen4 Swap, as the Gen2 had 100k on it, and was nasty and one of the previous owners had added some questionable mods. The new Gen4 has OBDII, Coil on plug ignition, and looks much cleaner:

With the reliability out of the way (and 230whp), I signed up for hyperdrive. Thankfully, I didn't break anything or crash! I even passed a few people! Youtube proof! YouTube never lies!



With me was another MR2:

Who also passed people!


And a Volvo (Not wagon, sorry) with a pretty decent setup, he kept good pace too!

Unfortunately, I can't find any other pictures or video of this particular run yet, if any oppo's were out there, I'd love to see your pictures/videos!


I didn't get pictures of all the coolest cars, as I was too busy enjoying mine, but there was a Ferrari F430 with a full cage, stripped interior, etc that sounded pretty mean, a well abused Viper,

An aboslutely lovely Laguna Seca Blue M3 :)


The Evora was passing left and right!

I also saw a pretty sweet Kaiser Jeep on the way home, and followed an F-type for a few miles, such a sexy kitty that one is!


This concludes my first Oppo post, yay me!

Edit: Found the Youtubes from the MR2 Behind me! My favorite part is at 12:00

Here's the one from the grandstand again: