Overall the event was a bit of a farce as registration and organization issues held us up for FAR too long. I don't think it was worth the price of admission but I also feel like a lot of the problems were out of their control. The surface rapidly degraded and it was a bit of a joke by the end of it all as people were fighting the ground for traction of ANY kind rather than the course. But still, I got a decent run out of it.

A few notes

0.5) A few people asked me at the event if I was affiliated with Jalopnik.......I am not. Just need to clear that up, apparently.

1) Mud gets VERY slick, very fast. I was in the first run group so I had traction. And if you watch my video, you'll see how loosely I use the word "traction"

2) When your event is supposed to have the first car rollout at 9:30, 10:00 at the latest, but your driver's meeting doesn't get started until 11:00......yeah, you've got some problems. But the next event will "start" at 10:00 again.......hopefully things get fixed

3) I had an instructor sit in my car so I didn't ruin it the first time out. Thankfully I have enough experience autocrossing that his advice was limited to the more technical aspects of rallycrossing instead of "Okay, PLEASE stop hammering the gas and brake, they are pedals and not switches". So to all newbies - I recommend having an instructor sit in on your first few runs..... but I ran into a bit of a problem about his recommendation for left foot braking that leads me directly to.....


4) Those of you working turn #1 saw me stall on my third run. I took my instructors advice and tried a bit of left foot braking to rotate my car for that turn. But the electronics of the car cut ALL my power and nearly stalled me out while spitting error messages at me. I don't know what system does this as I disabled traction control completely. So for my recorded run, I just worked the throttle as best I could

5) I apparently did pretty well not on raw speed, but because I never hit a cone....outside of grid. But that doesn't count. So, like autocross, rallycross rewards control over power/speed. I was one of the very few competitors in my run group to not take out this one cone section caused by people entering it way too hot in too little of tire. Take a guess which corner in my video.

Photo credit goes to Brian Thorpe, video is my own.