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I went shopping today and have some observations

Empty mall is empty
Empty mall is empty
  1. Went to Belk for the first time and it was... fine. Like Marshall’s but they got all their stuff from Dillard’s instead of... Goodwill. The lady working was SUPER friendly, very chatty but not very helpful. I forgot to buy something but decided to not to go back because I didn’t want to talk to get trapped in another conversation.
  2. Went to Best Buy. Still don’t understand the point of them. It is like they looked at Radioshack and thought “They would have been perfect if they were just a bit more like Walgreens.” They didn’t have any laptop bags I wanted and their video game section seemed to have shrunk in favor of washing machines. (Because I know when I want to buy an appliance my first thought is absolutely Best Buy and not Home Depot, Lowes, and specialty stores.......)
  3. Tried to find a new laptop backpack after mine long suffering one finally lost some teeth off a zipper. Found the updated model of mine is it is soooooo much worse. Thinner fabrics, smaller zippers, shittier pockets. Sadness.
  4. Went to Promenade. It is a shit mess. In Dillard’s the employees well outnumbered the shoppers. Found some sweaters I liked, but the cheapest one ON SALE was $60. One I really wanted was $160. For a sweater. Went to Penny’s and bought three for $50.
  5. Picked up the Volvo. The Jag has ruined me. Volvo feels slow, but nice to row my own for a change.

On the bright side. I parked next to this. Honestly surprised to like the Disco more.  The G-Wagen looked more like a bedazzled Wrangler.

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