So this Saturday was a BBQ for the local Mazda club (NEMAC), I went expecting some food, maybe use of the pool and to do no work on a car. Boy was I wrong.....

This is not going to be a short post.

First a tiny bit of back story, the Mini was parked in 2013 at the house while the owner originally was being deployed, 6 months turned into 18 months and one very bad Massachusetts winter. So it sat, when I arrived my friend had already spent time changing the battery (PITA) and getting it to move. Well the rear passenger caliper was stuck left a 20’ skid mark. I arrived and being the bringer of an impact wrench I got roped into looking at it. At least my supervisor was cute.

So turned out all the grease on the caliper pins had dried up, no big deal off to Autozone we go to get some. Come back, grease it up, and the piston is too far out to get the caliper back on over the rotor. NBD well just compress it... But wait its a Mini and needs to be spun while it is compressed, back to Autozone to try and rent the tool. They don’t have it or one to buy, so giant C-Clamp and twisting with pliers it is. Caliper now goes on over the rotor, great, lower caliper pin threads in, upper caliper pin does not.... Take the caliper off attempt to thread in by hand, and the pin is going completely sideways. It was cross threaded, I guess that is why it did not come out easy. Best guess is the last BMW place cross threaded it on the way in and just hoped no one would notice.


OK. We will just go back to Autozone and grab a Metric Tap/Die kit since everyone needs one of those anyways. Bolt seems to be a M10 X 1.25 and its included in the kit according to the box. Get back to the driveway open up the kit and...... there are TWO M10 X 1.5 and Zero(0) M10 X 1.25 taps. All right time to laugh and go back to Autozone (Trip 4) to swap out the kit for a new one. Get to Autozone they have one other kit on the shelf buttttt... It had been opened and returned. All the taps inside were perfect and unused Except the M10 X 1.25 which was destroyed. No single taps on the shelf we head off to Home Depot.

Well I guess that M10 X 1.25 isn’t that common as Home Depot didn’t have one so we find the nearest other car store NAPA and head on down. Thankfully they have the tap and we make it back to the driveway 45 min later.

Well wouldn’t you know it. the threads are so munged and the angle of a bracket on a car, the tap wont go in to chase the threads. So with a little outside the box thinking I take the M8 X 1.25 thread it in and wobble it out a few times to chase the threads and magically that works.
Put the damn car back together, trip getting up and twist my knee pretty badly but the Mini goes to drive off..... and then runs out of coolant. Have I mentioned I hate Minis now.
And now the worst part. There was no food, and the pool wasn’t ready, But at least a few cars showed up. The person with the blacked out car doesn’t want internet pics until later. So 3rd grade Photoshop level edit it is.


And I got the new decal for my Fiesta


For the TL ; DR crowd. Went to a BBQ that wasn’t a BBQ, spent 5 hours trying to fix a rear caliper on a Mini Cooper. Did many part store runs, went home and grilled ribs.