I went to a French Car Festival

It was in this little town just out of Melbourne called Williamstown. It was most strange outside the event. It was like a regular day, but with a much higher concentration of French cars around. Common French cars, but French cars all the same.

Inside there were all sorts of things. Lots of little Peugeot hatches, lots of DS’. But sadly no SMs, no Bugattis. I think the forecast storms later in the day limited the turnout unfortunately.

Anyway, onto the pics.

Some sort of big Pug. Never seen anything like it
French luxury is a massive V6
I love these 406s I really do. But that color! Wow
These little black bugs were everywhere. Pretty sure this thing was patient zero.
These fancy pants headlights are much nicer than the filth dished out to America
I’ve seen these around, never knew they too could lift!
Spare tyres in and around engines is a common theme amongst French cars it seems
Best looking people mover you can get. There was a Cactus but it had people in it, so no pix
Traction Avant! Incredible condition too. A really great shape, very decadent
106 years old I think it said. And a Renault! Who knew they were that old?
This is the moment I lost my shit. See the little vent peeking out from behind the wheel?
CLIO V6! I’ve seen one of these on the road once before, but it’s always a treat. These things are *bonkers*
That’s how much storage room there is in the back: none at all
Flanked by an Alpine and a Gordini
Same colors as the two outside, different cars though
*Very* mid-engined. I think this was a Matra
Leaping greyhound ornament! There were a few Delages, some were just massive. Decadent
A Peugeot with a roaring lion ornament. Not seen that before.
I came here for Alpines and was not disappointed! The little A110 was incredibly small, I had no idea. That’s Melbourne in the background
What’s that I see parked outside the event!?
Only the worst condition NSX I’ve ever seen. Despite the numberplate, definitely not an NSX R.

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