I went to a friend's car get-together in Ohio yesterday!

I’ve never seen so many rotaries in my life!!


My friend Dave, who not only helped me do my timing and balance shaft belts on my 944, and has owns 2 944s, also has an FB RX-7 and hosts a primarily a local RX-7/RX-8 meet, but it is open to any awesome car really. My dad and I made the hellish 3 hour trip from Michigan during yesterday’s awful weather. It was on this trip I learned what “inlets” are and why US Route 2 can be hell on a bad day; with flooded roads and all the turbulent and windy weather pushing the 944 around. But we made it there and back safely so I have no complaints!

Mostly just 1st gen RX-7s as you can see in the pictures, but the yellow one up top is a twin turbo.


Overall, fun day off with my dad. Next weekend, we’re going to the NHRA Nationals!! :)

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