But all I saw was this one car...

I did see a couple other things. Photodump at a later date, I'm still not finished looking at this. It's a 1955 300SL Gullwing, and has less than 80k miles on it IIRC. The owner, who I've met before, just said "Oh the Mercedes. Yeah, I've had that for a while." What kind of answer is that when someone tells you it's their favorite car at a show with some really wild rides?! He's not the most talkative person to general spectators at car shows. Somewhat sad, but at least these come out for people to see and enjoy.

Anyway, 720x1280 phone wallpaper for those interested. More wallpapers to come, along with this one


Oh, and I even got a trophy! Never pulled that off before.


With some obligatory #banditbait for your enjoyment. There's another blue trans am in this picture, hiding. More of the other cars later. More than half of what I took is that 300SL, so deal with it.