The Australian car isn’t long for this world. Toyota and Mitsubishi no longer build cars here, and the Falcon and Commodore are on death row. To help us mourn their passing the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne has an exhibit on the Australian car. It turns out the car has quite a rich history in Australia, though you’d probably forgive most of the world for never noticing. With that in mind, here are some of the highlights from the exhibit.

Excuse the photography, I’m no photographer and I’m in between phones.

I believe that was a model of the Buick Avenir concept (not the real deal)

The beautiful Holden Efigy which I’ve never seen in person until now. That color!

This is a concept from 1969, the GMH Hurricane. Recently restored.


Another concept, the Torana GTR-X, this one from 1970. Was absolutely stunning. A big part of me wishes, somehow, Holden had built this and started a craze of sporty coupes rather than moving into big sedans.

Interesting how the “hockey stick” brake light turns into an orange line which runs the full side of the car.


This is a Purvis Eureka, built in a small factory not far from where I live. I have seen one on the roads, once. Part of me wishes we had more cars with canopies - the exhibit had 2, how did this not become a thing!?


One of the first utes ever built, a Ford. Unrestored (can you tell?). Australia still builds a large number of utes, though it looks like that won’t last much longer.

This isn’t even half of what’s there, there’s a heap of information and I’d recommend it to anyone with a fleeting interest in cars.