It’s in Melbourne, right on the way home from the French Car Festival. They have a bunch of concept cars out front (some of which you can see from Google Maps), so I decided to stop and take a look.

I’ve actually seen a lot of these cars in the flesh before. I saw the Efijy, Hurricane and Torana GTR-X here and had a surprise run-in with the Efijy here too.

Usually the Sandman panel van concept is here, but I couldn’t see it. It could be around the back somewhere, or maybe it’s out being displayed like the Efijy was all those times.

The Coupe 60 concept that could’ve become a VE-based Monaro. I have seen this before at a motor show.
Marilyn Monaro concept and the original Holden Coupe concept that became the Monaro. Much more heavily based on the VT than the final car.


Some sort of fancy
I dunno...fancy Cruze...


Torana GTR-X, love this thing
HRT-427, SSX concept which was a VY-based hatchback


Hours + Torana GTR-X concept