I Went to Holden HQ

It’s in Melbourne, right on the way home from the French Car Festival. They have a bunch of concept cars out front (some of which you can see from Google Maps), so I decided to stop and take a look.

I’ve actually seen a lot of these cars in the flesh before. I saw the Efijy, Hurricane and Torana GTR-X here and had a surprise run-in with the Efijy here too.

Usually the Sandman panel van concept is here, but I couldn’t see it. It could be around the back somewhere, or maybe it’s out being displayed like the Efijy was all those times.

The Coupe 60 concept that could’ve become a VE-based Monaro. I have seen this before at a motor show.
Marilyn Monaro concept and the original Holden Coupe concept that became the Monaro. Much more heavily based on the VT than the final car.
Some sort of fancy Colorado...um...
I dunno...fancy Cruze...
Torana GTR-X, love this thing
HRT-427, SSX concept which was a VY-based hatchback
Hours + Torana GTR-X concept

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