Mexico was awesome. Puerto Vallarta to be more specific. Warm, entertaining, colorful, and fairly safe. I ate local foods, stepped in the Pacific for the first time, never saw temperatures below 75, hell, I even got engaged to the most incredible woman in existence. That's not why we're here though. This is about our love of all things motorized. Below I share my pictures, mostly from my GoPro, of the plethora of interesting things I found in Mexico with wheels.


State owned cabs were the best mode of transportation if you like privacy. For somewhere between 60 and 100 Pesos ($4-7), you could get around town almost anywhere. The thing you don't realize until you see it in person is that they're still making an mid 90's model Nissan Sentra, called the Tsuru there... and they're everywhere.

There are some newer model cabs, the Versa and that N2000 "Van" but these seemingly new-old Nissan Sentra's dominate the Taxi market. Apparently they're tough because Jesus took the wheel and drove us all the way to the set of the original Predator movie for ziplining.


Tiny Trucks

Of everything I wish I could get stateside, the little trucks were my favorite.


Look at this Dodge thing. It said "Adventure" on the side.

Jalopnik has spoke on this before, the Chevy Tornado is cool and everywhere there.

Delivery Motorcycles

Everywhere delivers; Burger King, El Pollo Pepe, all the pizza chains, it's crazy.



...and I forgot until I got there that they made the old VW Beetle until around ten years ago. They're everywhere, and they're perfect for the lower income, simple needs of a majority of the driving population.


Also seen here is a Hilux in the wild. Probably my second choice in cars we can't get on this side of the border.


Custom Beetles are a huge thing too. Jalops are everywhere.


The Mexican rice is strong I found. Poor taste knows no nationality.


mmm... that carbon fiber wrap...


Note the brand new Nissan

The randoms...


Following an X6M from inside a Focus rental car.

My first Renault sighting, a Duster.


SRT8 Jeep on a cobblestone road creeping.

The other mode of public transportation. Buses that will take you all over town for about a dollar. This is what the locals did more than anything.


And something I found incredibly interesting...

Of all the brands I saw represented, they were all fairly well represented save one. There were multiple versions of Renaults, Seats, Volvos, Chevys, Fords, Jeeps, anything you could think of. Yet, I only saw one Subaru the whole time. I guess with no snow comes no need, but it surprised me given the condition and grade of the side roads off the main highway.


So... go to Mexico, because it's awesome.

We say so!