I went to replace the battery in the Miata, and I forgot how these stupid hooks on the battery brace work, so, of course, I unscrewed the nut all the way and the first hook fell into the radiator fan.

So I start to remove the battery tray, which takes FOREVER, because the only thing I had with me was a 10mm wrench, since I figured I’d only have to remove the terminals and the brace. But even that was preferable to removing the clips holding the wires to the battery case, which were almost impossible to do by hand, and my SwissTool couldn’t fit to grab most of them.

Finally pull the battery tray and I see the hook dangling off of the radiator fan.


Go to grab it, and... I touch the fan and the hook falls.

Okay, I figure it’s got to be on the splash guard now.

Peer through the front, nope. That’s when I realize that the splash guard continues past the radiator, so I start banging around under the car until I hear metal jangling.

So now I have to start unbolting the frigging splash guard. Get that done, reach in, and grab the hook.

Then I put everything back together and put the battery in.

Total time to replace the battery? 1 hour.

All because of THIS FUCKING THING:


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