Illustration for article titled I went to Sams Club yesterday for the first time in months

And now I remember why I don’t shop there. I tried to buy two items which had instant rebates or whatever they call them. Neither discount showed up until I was about to check out, and then I noticed that only one of them was discounted. I called an employee over and explained the situation and then she sauntered off. I assume it was to go over and verify the price, but no, it was only to get a sale flyer.


She wandered back over and then informed me that the batteries I was buying were not on sale. No, she didn’t bother to go over and look at the display and verify the price, and instead just said no, they weren’t on sale. Wrong answer. I said ‘screw it’ and left my full cart for her to deal with. On my way out I did go verify that the price was discounted on the display.

And no, I didn’t bother to renew my membership when the message popped up at the register. Any store where almost every employee seems stressed out and displays an IDGAF attitude is not worthy of my money. The friend for whom I bought this membership died recently, so my not renewing isn’t affecting anyone else.


I hear that they’re closing a number of locations, and except for people losing their jobs (that they don’t seem to care about) I’m OK with this. Good riddance, Sam’s.

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