I went to see something Fast, Italian, and Sexy

And spotted this on the way.

There wasn’t enough room to get a good pic of the entire plane, so we’ll have to make due with some internet shots. It’s a Siai-Marchetti S 205/22R.


The one I saw had seating for 5 and a third window.

The poor thing has been sitting in a hangar for about 8 years. They are in the process of prepping it for flight again. That involves a thorough inspection, including partial disassembly of the engine, changing all fluids, replacing hoses, tires, etc. There’s a lot that goes into making an aircraft airworthy again.


It needs even more work to make it compliant with the 2020 regulations. All planes have to have an ADSB unit installed by next January. That’s a transponder that allows every flight, private or commercial, to be tracked.


If you only fly outside of controlled airspace, it’s not a requirement. But if, like me, your home airport has a control tower, then you have to make your plane compliant.


Ah, well, it’s a little too much plane for me anyway. I could get signed off on it, but it would be like handing the keys to your classic Corvette over to a 16-yr-old. The insurance alone would be outrageous.

By the way, check out the background in the pic above. This guy also likes sexy American things! This was one of two mid-’70s Corvettes in his hangar. The other was brown and had t-tops, just like this one:


It was glorious! This old fella had all the toys!

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