And it wasn’t really that great. I went with the whole family, and my cousin and her kids. Her 4 year old is a budding car guy but I guess he still isn’t quite old enough to get excited like me, or my dad, or his dad. There was supposed to be an entire dedicated Maserati display, there wasn’t. But the local Italian dealer from Greensboro who brings the Ferrari and Aston Martin vehicles brought an FF and a Rapide, so the two I would have wanted to see more than anything else. My mom really liked the Rapide. I thought they were really cool, although it was hard to fawn over them like I would have a year ago. Owning your own V12 really takes the novelty out of that kind of stuff.

I also made my mother look at the new XC90 because a used V8 on our list of SUVs to look at in the coming year...she didn’t care for any Volvos, so that was disappointing. Nissan didn’t have an Armada available for her to look at either, also highly disappointing.

What else? Lincoln actually brought a Continental, which was “locked for your protection” because it’s a prototype. I can only assume this is because it must burst into flames if anybody not on the development team sits in it...I must lose faith in Lincoln for such shotty craftsmanship if this is the case, and it must be, its the only logical explanation for that kind of lack of faith in your own product. My mother, who hated my old Continental, thought the new one was the most beautiful car at the show. I was surprised.

My mom thought everything made by Lexus was horribly ugly and she would never want anything to do with it. I agree.

Oh. And there wasn’t a single German or British manufacturer there so it was, ultimately, a gigantic waste of time. But an entertaining one I suppose. It is nice to see the reactions of a compartively ignorant person, like my mother, because I think there is a great deal of insight to be found in that.