The SAAB was muddy, because I spent most of my day driving out to, being in, and driving back from the middle of nowhere for the Harvest Classic Motorcycle Rally. The field it was held at was well softened by three days of rain...

There were two Puch “twingle” bikes there, the earlier, more common one (usually found in the States branded Sears Allstate) and the later one seen center, above.

It was a lot of fun, but unfortunately bad traffic on the way out meant I only had about an hour’s worth of time to see everything before I had to head back (yeah... sure love spending more time driving to the thing than being there, thanks Texas drivers who inexplicably drive 10 under the speed limit everywhere)


This Fuji Rabbit was the coolest scooter there. Note the air-ride suspension at the rear of the frame. I told the owner I used to have a Subaru 360 and he reacted like I just said I ordered a big mac for lunch earlier today. Apparently didn’t have any idea of the connection between Rabbit scooters and Subaru. An older guy standing nearby chimed in saying he remembered seeing the Subaru 360 when it came out, at the (insert city name I forgot) auto show.

On the way out a VW GTI didn’t want to pull to the side of the driveway, so I had to detour through a field that had been churned up into deep mud and chunks of sod by vintage dirt bikes the previous day. The SAAB waddled right through the mess without any drama - the wonders of skinny tires.


You can find pleny of photos of the RCR meet on their facebook page:

I showed up just before the end of the meet so don’t have any photos of my own.