HR-V: nice. I really like the interior design. touch screen everything, and cameras for when turning and all the bells and whistles. The way the rear seats fold is legitimately impressive.

but, I’ve ruled it out. Too much car, and too similar to the wife’s CR-V. We don’t need a second AWD bigger car.

Fit:Not as nice interior, but still all the bells and whistles, turny cameras and such. The rear seats are the same magical design and interior space is downright impressive.

*note: the white one was trapped so I test drove a dark grey one, with black interior. Its ~100deg today and EVERY warning light came on and the A/C stopped working. All them bells and whistles... ERROR!!!! 


but, they’re pricey new. And the last generation doesn’t feel worth the money for what you get. Additionally Mrs Puzzle thinks they are ugly

Yaris: Just enough bells/whistles. Basic, but not roll your own windows basic. Drives better/nimbly-er than the Fit. And the latest model is 2015-2018 so there are quite a few to be had with the current spec for very cheap.


This is my current front runner.

Ford: I went to the place, and saw these pretties outside :D


then... I waited... and waited... and WAITED for a salesman to be intersted in attempting to convince me to buy things. While I waited I touched every button that this one had

Chrome red wheels... interesting pre-sale choice. FINALLY a salesman came to service me


Fiesta: these are bad.

Fiesta, it means party. But it’s more like the day after the party. Your mouth is fuzzy, and you regret some of the political discussions you were adamantly involved in. So for the Fiesta it’s


In conclusion: I want a Yaris now.

Bonus: look, a customer’s TL-S that was visible in that horrific Fiesta pic