I Will Never Forget the Twelfth Generation Ford F150

Growing up in a Chevy-focused family, Ford’s were often pushed aside as inferior machines. Mustangs were weak, the Taurus was hideous, anc the F150 didn’t cut the mustard. Of course things changed during the late 2000s when Ford seemed to get their act together. No model showed this as much as the 2009-2014 F150.


When the new F150 debuted in 2008, I was taken aback. It was handsome, well chiseled, and a vast improvement over the eleventh gen that came before it. It made every other truck look outdated.

The improvements continued on into the interior as well. It wasn’t the most luxuriously appointed cabin but Ford did their best with upgraded fit and finish, quality leathers, and wood trim on the higher end models.


The twelfth gen F150 is probably one of the biggest game changers for Ford. It showed the progress for American automakers post-2008, and it showed how much we can progress in the face of new emissions laws with its Ecoboost V6.

It’s the first F150 that opened my eyes to the F-Series. 

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