I will unbolt that pretty little face of yours...

No really. Plan is to take the front bumper off the Civic tonight. It has to be tonight because it is supposed to be REALLY cold the next couple of days and just slightly cold tonight.

The problem is twofold: (1) The hood release cable isn’t working, so you have to remove the front bumper to fix that. (2) The horns aren’t working, so while I’m in there I’m going to replace the factory units. I don’t think that will solve the problem, but I might as well.


Also I feel like driving a project car that you can’t honk people and you can’t open the hood is... asking for disaster.

Sidenote: My dad is coming in to town Saturday. He owned a base model 1991 Civic (4th gen) so I assume he will get a kick out of seeing my 1986 (3rd gen). If not, I’m not sure he has seen the Saab since I got it running. He has an even longer history with that car than I do!

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