You see your friends posting Jezebel stuff, and now you wish you had different friends.

I wish things were different. I wish we weren't using this platform built around sharing and connecting to wall each other out and flood the empty space with hate and noise. I wish more Jezzies could tell me what an S38 is without googles help, would get hot and bothered by an Aventador screaming at the top of it's lungs at 9k RPM, would post car project pictures to the powder room and groupthink. I wish $kay - love her as much as I do - weren't the only female jalop I knew anywhere, internet, real life, or otherwise. I wish this place - love you guys as much as I do - weren't a total sausage fest 99% of the time.

I wish a few angry reactionaries 'over there' didn't have the power to draw the whole picture for their community. I wish a few more people 'over here' wouldn't give them that power by shying away after every shitty encounter. I wish I weren't talking about two online communities on the same damned website like they were seperated by the berlin wall.

I wish for more. More inclusion. More people. More sharing our passion for the machines we love, our wishing for the experiences we want, our longing for what we want in our hearts yet know in our minds cannot ever be. Like this foolish pile of wishes for example. I may as well wish for a platinum plated Aventador, because in comparison that's at least a plausible thing to wish for...