While Chevy did eventually come around to developing a “personal luxury car” too, the Corvette stuck around and doubled down on its desire to be a Real American Sports Car. If only Ford had decided to do both cars as well...

What if the Thunderbird had continued to be a Corvette fighter? How would it have evolved differently in this alternate timeline?

I think the Turbo Coupe gives us our first glimpse of what could have been. Sure, it already had the Grand National for a GM competitor, but with a little imagination, I picture a totally different car. Take out the T-bird’s rear seat, shorten the car by a couple of feet or so, make it lower to the ground, tweak the styling so that it doesn’t look like a total chop job, and see what that does for the car.

Or skip the Fox-body and do all that to the even-sleeker MN12. Easily the most aerodynamic of the Thunderbirds, and perhaps even more slippery than the C4 itself, I bet a smaller, shorter, lighter version of this would have made an excellent sports car.