I wish I could un-see these. (Lol, 'Sulkycar')

So during the course of my 'what cheap to insure and unusal old car could I feasibly DD' trawling today (and Piper P2 discounted) I came across two utter monstrosities. First time I'd seen either, and they're not helping my 'todays cars mostly look wack' arguement. First up, this heinous greenhouse:

The Sulkycar and Sulkytruck!


I can certainly see why that would induce sulking. What the hell, man.

Then my eyes were further assaulted by this:

I'd be hard pressed to make something worse than this out of Lego. It has a Cthulhu-like ability to send me insane figuring out what I'm looking at. Here's the link should anyone want to do a small scale Brewster's Millions for £3750:

Scamp Mini


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