Most people mention sleepers and point out either something that isn’t too flashy like a Chevy SS or some car that has purposefully been built to look like a beater such as anything off of Roadkill. Today, I saw a 2011-2014 Toyota Camry in beige that didn’t have ANY noticeable differences. Not even tint, a blacked out trim, or wheels. How do I know it was a sleeper? Because it freaking blew the doors off of every single person trying to merge onto the interstate! Both myself and the 2015 Camaro SS ahead of me were booking it in order to merge and this Camry went from being behind me to in front of us in less than 4 seconds after being in pace with us up the on ramp. All this with no telltale exhaust sounds or anything! The Camaro went after the Camry and from what I could tell...they never caught up!! The stealth levels were off the charts.

The craziest part is the fact that I know this person must be a phenomenal driver with an incredible setup. I thought 300 hp to the front wheels was ridiculous and this person just shot away without any drama. Cool stuff!