The Sunchaser has not gotten a good scrub in a while, despite more than a few miles. She has been a warrior on the road, and deserves to get spruced up. Now that oil leaks are solved, she is looking and driving the best she has since I got her.

There are still things to do, but there will always be things to do.

My wife wants to detail her Infiniti, so we are going to wash cars and clay bar together. How romantic! My younger son wants to help for money, but him getting out of bed is far from assured.

My older son left early this morning to take the bus to Yosemite with his girlfriend for the day. She is a very nice girl and we like her, but I will never understand generation where teens do not get a license right away. She graduated from high school last year, and still does not drive. She works and goes to school, but I guess she does not want to drive.


I have been sitting in the backyard having my coffee, and periodically I hear cats fighting out front. Kirby seems unimpressed. It was probably Max. Pumpkin spends a lot of her time inside, but Max and Kirby almost never come in. They hang in the yard or around the carport.

I hope all you Opponauts are doing well.