WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I finally finished! After 4.5 years of seemingly endless slaving, late nights, all nighters, stressing, thinking about quitting and becoming a dentist, wishing I was a duck instead of a human, etc, I finally won college. I can scarcely believe it. In 3 days I'll walk across the stage and get an empty book thing that I don't really understand because I'm pretty sure my degree will be too big to fit in it...but they won't get around to printing it and mailing it to me for about 4 months from what I've heard. In exactly 1 month I will start my new life as LappingLuke the electrical engineer...I'm glad hard work pays off!

Pictured above: hopefully very similar to my near future...please? Who is the patron saint of rare colored 90s BMWs anyway? I need some help to make this happen...


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