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I wonder what happens now at Petrolicious...

While I was super disappointed with the founder’s less than tactful tweet about BLM a couple weeks back, I felt like his apology was sincere. The guy is an Iranian immigrant, and likely experienced some form of racism since coming to the states. That’s certainly NOT an excuse AT ALL, and he really should have known better (especially since he is an immigrant).


But, should he have had to step down from his own company? On the one hand, I do realize that many companies become much bigger than their owners (like Petrolicious). On the other hand, it was his baby, and he did create it, and turn it into the beautiful channel it is today.

I reeeeeeally hope Petrolicious continues to release beautiful content.

Do we keep pushing Cancel Culture? Or should we give people a second chance to redeem themselves. Curious to see what fellow Oppos think...


EDIT: Just saw some of the other shit he posted... pretty shitty things to say indeed. But for conversation’s, what do chaps and chappettes think of Cancel Coulture? 

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